Like many other manners; we do not know how, when and where to manifest out feelings. The way the paramedics created mess on Lahore’s Jail Road a couple of days back depicts the level of our inhumanity.

Due to hours of the wheel jam, a heart patient lady breathed her last in an ambulance. Hell with the protestors and the government which forced them to come on roads. If we still believe on the saying of Allah Almighty that “Murder of one human being is
tantamount to the murder of whole humanity”, it must be a matter of shame for us.

Believe me, the murderous demonstration of the paramedics might not have moved even an eyebrow of the authorities who were supposed to cater their demands, but it set the eyes of the deceased lady’s family on flow.

It is not the way at all. To me and to every sane human, the worst form of protest is to black roads. When you are halting traffic flow, you never know how much mental stress you are creating among the travellers and how important time of the nation you
are wasting.

Lifting voice for rights is a characteristic of every democratic society but there are some norms which are supposed to be followed by doing this.

By getting panic and harming others, you cannot solve problems. History is evident of the fact anger and aggression have always played havoc with humanity. If war can be a solution, then there would not have been any problem in the world as more than 50,
000 wars have been fought so far since the inception of this planet.

A peaceful mind always thinks well. Instead of burning tyres and blocking roads, you can organise a peaceful rally in front of press club, assembly hall, governor house or something like that. It will put more pressure on the government to concede your rights.

Always try to fix the fault lines with cool mind. Force must be the last option, but it must not harm innocent people even then. The art of demonstration must acquiesce with the norms of humanity.