The infamous vigilante morning show host, Maya Khan came out to defend herself, claiming in a talk show that all the subjects of the show in question where she raided a park with her team in her attempt at moral policing were paid actors.

It is pertinent to mention that Maya Khan was fired from her channel after hosting a highly controversial morning show where she raided a public park to catch ‘dating couples’ unaware and question them over immoral practices.

All the people that she had questioned during her morning show’s inglorious episode were paid actors, she claimed. Maya Khan claimed that the entire episode was scripted clarifying, “The idea was to highlight the issue of ‘unethical activities’ that are taking places in our parks”.

In reply to why did such a programme, she said she had received numerous complaints from worried parents who were concerned about such immoral activities, expecting her to do something in this regard.

She also criticized the media and the civil society ganging up against her, saying that she was never given a chance to present her side of the story.

She raised a question, “What rest of the media was trying to achieve by repeatedly airing clips of my show? Where were media ethics when people showed my wedding pictures, my honeymoon pictures and did shows pointing fingers at my character?”

She called herself a popular morning show host, asking whether during her entire media career she had not done anything good. “Is there no difference between a sin and a mistake?” she added.

Maya Khan claimed that she had been under house arrest since the media frenzy against her show started and had been treated like a criminal. In her view, people attacked him from all sides and she was abused thorough phone calls, text messages and microblogging website.

Waseem Molani, her husband while speaking on the show via phone, stated that he was upset to see how people attacked his wife for invading people’s privacy by doing vis-à-vis. He observed, “It was shameful that people criticised Maya by making her personal pictures public”.

He was of the opinion that he had always advised Maya to move to the US but she refused to do so because she wanted to stay in Pakistan and help her people.

In quite an odd move, the lady invited two of the purportedly paid actors featured in her programme to the morning show.

The new twist in the tale brings up some serious questions with regards to the extent the media has a right to infringe on the privacy of others.


  1. Yet another drama by maya Khan. her husband is upset caz people publish her personal pic and invaded their privacy. I want to ask him what about the privacy of others which was invaded by his wife for her financial benefits. they are hypocrite and she should be ban from media for ever

  2. I will simply say that MAYA kHAN u have done a splendid work. i wish u come back soon in media. i have never seen ur show but i have seen the controversy in media and this thing is just media war. i wish and hope that u r back in media as soon as possible.

  3. This the face of our society. They say this is the wrong thing (relation before legal relationship) but copy the society i.e. where you can do anything on the roadside. This is the downfal of a society where there is two starndard one for ourselve and one for other. If peoples like these thing so come on and send your with others and make no objection. In the end just to say. KAWA CHALA HUNS KI CHAL APNI BHI BHOOL GIA.

  4. maya khan ne itni naikia ke hain logon ko us ki wo naikian nazar nahi aatin or aaj choti se ghalti kia kade to wo awam k liye bohot bara pahar ban gaya or mere khayal main to us ne koi ghalti nahi ki hai es liye main awam se guzarish karta hon k use morning show main dobara laya jaye or yeh kaam awam k elawa or koi bhi nahi kar sakta maya khan hum tumhare sath hain maya khan sada khush raho

  5. I agreed that matter take up is real. But question is that these morning shows anchors celebrate valentine’s day and other activities that encourage youth to do dating like activities then why these people trying to stop??????????????????

  6. maya main ap k shat hon maya aj dil ki bat ap se kheti hon k ap k siwa morning show koi b acha nai karta maya main 2nd year me hon jab studi mukamal ho jay gi to ap k shat morning show karon gi or ab jo ap ki jaga ata he ane do maya anti pure dera wale ap k sath hen maya ap hamara sath den