A ray of hope in the clogged-up tourism culture in the country

Launched with a distinct vision of promoting the tourism culture in the country, is no less than a breath of fresh air, striving to do justice with the huge bounty of natural wonders and resources the country possess.

Tourism in Pakistan with all its natural wonders and all the grand peaks that the country holds in her lap, is still grossly underrated and unexplored even by the local masses within the country let alone the foreign community. was launched in the beginning of the current year, by a team of young entrepreneurs who are struggling to bring these breathtaking sights and sounds to the limelight in order to draw awareness towards the huge treasure trove of
natural beauty the country has been sitting over in all this time. is determined to help the third generation of Pakistan to break through this blinding oblivion which has kept them from exploring their own neighbourhood since long.

What has been one of the interesting aspects of the portal is the vision and the mission statement of the team. They not only defy the nationalistic approach towards the natural assets but consider them as the common property of all humans regardless of
their nationalities and access to the same.

The team insists that the portal is one of its kinds and while they are hoping to revive the dilapidated tourism industry in the country, they will continue their attempts to bridge gaps between the neighbours in the volatile region.

The country is known to be the home of 40 out of the 50 tallest peaks in the world. It is the home of the longest glaciers on earth after the polar cap. The legendary Karakorum Range is notoriously famous for the dreaded peaks which are considered one of
the most difficult and deadliest to climb on.

Five of the 14 eight thousand meter high peaks, better known as the eight thousanders, are in Pakistan, including Nanga Parbat and K-2, both having the highest causality rates in climbing circles. The duo is often termed as the “Killer Mountains”.  Skardu,
capital of Gilgit-Baltistan, is another serene place in the country and is apparently more of a valley between these giant mountains. brings latest updates on the expeditions underway in the deadly Karakorum and the Himalayas. The website also provides excellent features on the success and attempts of teams and their past record in sport of High Altitude Mountaineering.
The portal covers the scenic and archeological assets of the country, giving valuable insights about their present condition and past history.