Veena Malik is more than just a celebrity!

Veena Malik, the Pakistani actress-cum-model, is one of the most talked-about celebrities in the country at the moment. It hardly matters if the discussion is about politics, entertainment or society issues, for some reason the name of an actress whom we
allegedly hate always gets dragged in. People are using her as an insult, as a compliment (special thanks to a rickshaw driver for helping me realize this), or even a standard of cheapness.

It would be so wrong to state that all of Veena’s efforts are in vain and that she is not even close to becoming one of the most popular figures (perverts are advised to keep their thoughts in check) in the country. From what I have noticed, the name Veena
Malik has become even more popular than our beloved President Asif Ali Zardari, with someone somewhere in Pakistan uttering her name with utmost affection (kindly sense the sarcasm).

A number of people would be outraged to find me use words such as “famous” and “popular” while talking about Veena. If they are for some reason trying to assert that I am wrong to use such words for someone who, according to them, is better suited to the
word “notorious,” I can request them to get over their double standards already. If Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian can be considered famous despite their cheap antics to get recognition (yes we all got that particular email about Paris in our hotmail five
to six years back), then there is absolutely no reason to treat Veena any differently.

There may be very few people who are actually aware of the impact that Veena has made in their lives. The woman has done everything right to gradually inject her with a drug that has made us obsessed with us. She may be slight over-weight, she may not be
the prettiest chick (calling her an aunty could be considered offensive by her fans and internet trolls) on the block, but she has definitely become an integral part of our daily lives.

People who prefer to dwell in denial can keep doing so, but the fact of the situation can hardly be argued with. Veena has become one of the most popular celebrities in Pakistan.