Pakistan coach Zavisa Milosavljevic claims that the country has a lot of footballing talent but no facilities to encourage players or to groom them.

Football in Pakistan has many reasons for not developing and one of the major ones is the lack of proper grounds, infrastructure and clubs.

Talent on the other hand is not an issue and many over here could make it in Europe if they are properly groomed from an early age.

Green-Shirts boss Milosavljevic also reiterated this problem and revealed that youth leagues need to be setup in order to provide the right platform for aspiring starlets.

“The game will only grow from the grassroots. It is good that you have the Premier League, etc., here but what’s really required is a league for under-18, under-16 and under-14 players as well. That is what will give you a proper football system. Otherwise
you can play as much football as you like and you’ll stay where you are,” he said.

He also added that playing football was quite difficult compared to games such as Cricket and Hockey due to the use of the legs.

“Cricket and hockey may be more popular games here but they are hand and wrist games while football is played with legs and feet. You can’t feel very well with your legs as you can do with your hands, making football a far more challenging games.”

Lastly, he gave an interesting view point about how the game in Pakistan can properly flourish citing the schooling system as a perfect example.

 “The departments don’t have junior teams but the clubs do. Clubs are like schools while the departments playing in national events are like colleges. You can’t send primary school children directly to college without their attending secondary school, can
you?” he asked. “There is something missing here and you can only fill that gap by focusing on junior players,” the trainer was quoted as saying.