The Hunger Games – Production

The Hunger Games is a 2012 science fiction movie which is scheduled to release on the second half of March. It stars Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth.

Lionsgate Entertainment acquired worldwide distribution rights in March 2009 with Nina Jacob’s production company Color Force. Collins adapted the novel for film herself and her script was revised by Billy Ray. 

Alli Sheamur, who is the president of Motion Picture Production, said, “The Hunger Games is an incredible property and it is a thrill to bring it home to Lionsgate. This is exactly the kind of movie I came to Lionsgate to make: youthful, exciting, smart
and edgy. We are looking forward to working with Nina and Suzanne to create a movie that satisfies audiences’ hunger for high-quality entertainment." 

Lionsgate confirmed in March 2011 that 30 actresses were considered for the role of Katniss However, on 16th March it was announced that Oscar nominee, Jennifer Lawrence, of the indie film Winter’s Bone was chosen for the desiderated role. Regardless of
being four years older than the character, author Suzanne Collins said that the actress who plays has to have a certain maturity and power. Lawrence dyed her blonde hair brown for this part and underwent extensive training to get in shape for the role.

Garry Ross became the director in November 2010 and the principal photography began with an initial budget of $75 million in Western North Carolina.  
The film has been rated 12A by the BBFC in the UK for "intense threat, moderate violence and occasional gory moments." 

Danny Elfman and T-Bone Burnett were initially announced to score The Hunger Games. However, due to scheduling conflicts, Elfman was later replaced by James Newton Howard. 

The movie is scheduled to release in March 23rd in United States and March 21st in Belgium, France, Netherlands and Philippines.