Heading towards nothingness

Pakistan’s current situation causes a huge disappointment to people in every corner of the country as instead of making progress in every walk of life we are going on the opposite directions.

Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder to Pakistan, could not serve the country after making an immense contribution in its creation, as he died in 1948, just one year after the creation of this country.

After Jinnah, the incompetent and selfish leaders started to implement bad policies in order to gain personal benefits and for the purpose of remaining in rule, they did every wrong thing.

Rulers incompetency brought destruction to every department that can be seen everywhere in Pakistan.

Common people have no value in for corrupt rulers as these rulers do not think for the welfare of people.

They always remain busy in getting personal benefits with every possible way and for that purpose they are destroying the country.

Current situation has become worst every department in public sector has become corrupt as people in that department are doing corruption and there is no accountability for such corrupt people because those who should take measures against corruption are
also supporting it.

Miserable condition of common man is that they hold no value at all for the rulers who are busy in following their evil pursuits and have no time to think about the problems of people.

Political characters always keep on spitting that country is progressing but there is no improvement in the lives of common people.

General masses are struggling to get their meals but the corrupt rulers are living a luxurious life on the wealth of nation.

Corrupt and incompetent rulers are pushing general masses to their graves and are collecting wealth with every possible way.

These selfish leaders are satisfied because their foreign bank accounts are growing and they are least concerned with the fact that Pakistan is going down and down because of their bad policies and corruption.