In quite an unprecedented style, some new portfolios have been created to accommodate the lawmakers, belonging to Punjab province. Former law minister Maula Bux Chandio has also been accommodated and has been made the Minister of Political Affairs.

The newly created portfolios have no offices or secretariat as well as the required staff. Surprisingly, Nazar Muhammed Gondal has been given the important office of the minister for Capital Administration and Development (CADD).

Rana Muhammad Farooq has been made the Minister for Climate Change, another ministry with no secretariat and no past example.

The portfolios of the state ministers have also been announced, according to which Tasneem Ahmed Qureshi has been made the state minister of water and power. Sumsam Ali Bukhari will function as the state information minister, the post he supervised previously.

Sardar Moazzam Jatoi, nephew of Qayyum Jatoi, will work as the state minister for national food security, while Dost Muhammed Mazari has been named the state minister for telecommunication.

Sardar Saleem Hyder will take up Defence Affairs as a state minister, while Abbas Khan Afridi will oversee the Commerce Ministry.

Malik Imad has been made the state minister for Foreign Affairs and Rahila Baloch has been handed the state Ministry for Science and Technology.

Imtiaz Safdar Waraich has become the minister of state for interior affairs. No portfolio has been given to Farzana Raja, who is the chairperson of the Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP).

Apart from a long list of names and portfolios, the performance of the government is zero. If the government wants these people reselected in the upcoming elections, they should concentrate on real issues.