Jenson Button has said that he feels very comfortable and relaxed, but it is not the case all the time as he can be an “arse” off the track sometimes.

Button kept his cool and calm after the Malaysian Grand Prix, when he did not get a favourable result. The calm demeanour has earned Button a lot of respect. Button started at second position in Malaysia and ended outside the points, yet he did not let his temper run his emotions.

Lewis Hamilton his teammate has been exactly opposite of how Button has been. Unlike Button , Hamilton’s sport has been effected by his off track incidents.

“We all have days when we’re stressed, even when times are good,” Button is quoted by Sporting Life. “That’s about being a human being, I guess. But I definitely have days when I’m an arse; a side of my character I don’t show to you guys (the media). I keep that under wraps because I am quite a private person when it comes to my personal life.”

He added that he is not as relaxed as people are thinking him to be. It is more the perception of the people. He said that there are two types of people in every sport. There is one who is trying to go after something and the other is the one who is running away from something.

Button said that he still does not know what kind he is out of the two but he knows that he loves the sport adding that there are always good days and bad days in the sport, while anyone would love the good days, learning from the bad is important as well.

“I just couldn’t go through life with nothing. I need the highs and lows – and I hate the lows – but the highs make them worthwhile. Even when you get the lows you have to stay strong and try and be as positive as you can,” he added.

It will be interesting to see how Button fares in China, another poor result might deter him from his calm demeanour.