Ferrari will be looking to improve going into the Spanish Grand Prix.

The team has been suffering from serious technical issues ever since the F2012 came out for the first pre-season test.

Fernando Alonso’s skilful driving was not enough during the Bahrain GP for Ferrari to finish in the top five. Both their drivers Alonso and Felipe Massa while finished among points were placed down in the standing at 7th and 9th respectively.

Team principal Stefano Domenicali has said that though this was not the best of results but such is the situation that the team is relieved to get this result. Now the plan is to make sure both the drivers finish the race and are among points.

The team understands that the car needs major updates before the European leg of the season starts. The Mugello test while is not going to be featuring all the updates that Ferrari are looking to install but will have the most of them. The test will be a good measure of all the tweaks Ferrari is going to update the F2012 with.

The car’s balance, traction and tyre degradation is another issue that the team is looking to fix. Massa has been hurt the most with the new car as he has been struggling so far in the season.

Team president Luca di Montezemolo has been very vocal about the team’s poor showing in 2011 and called for a much improved show during the 2012 season. Ferrari though have had a lot of trouble and his hopes of a strong comeback have been shaken but not shattered yet as the season is still very much open and Ferrari can still remain in contention for the world title and the drivers’ title.

Domenicali talked about things that are required by Ferrari to look into, “We know we must raise the performance level of our car: from what we have seen here in Australia, there are several teams not so far off one another and one does not need to make enormous progress to make up several places. We know the main areas we need to work on – traction and top speed first and foremost – and we must accelerate as much as possible the development work to reach the level of the best as soon as possible.”

Alonso talked about the team’s performance and said that he knew Bahrain GP was going to be a difficult race but it is good that he has managed to bring home some useful points. He added that the Spanish Grand Prix will be a new period for the team and hopefully an improved show will be on display.

It will be interesting to see how Ferrari will perform during the European season as the F2012 performs better under cooler weather conditions and the weather will be much cooler than it has been in Malaysia, China and Bahrain.