Fernando Alonso will be looking to the European season as an opportunity to pick up the pace and improve on the results so far in the season.

The season has so far been up and down for Ferrari even though Alonso was able to eke out a Grand Prix win when no one gave him a chance. The win showed why Alonso is one of the greatest exponents of the sport, his sheer determination and the alertness to availing the opportunities given is extraordinary. He did it at Silverstone in the 2011 season and he has done the same at the Spanish Grand Prix.

Both the races had the weather element common, because of the nature of the Ferrari car, the engine performs better in cooler weather conditions and that was enough invitation for Alonso to work his magic.

The world was surprised to more than less likely 2012 Ferrari car win a Grand Prix in grand style. Although performances since that victory have been below par relative to Ferrari and Alonso standards yet no one is going to underestimate them.

As Ferrari look to improve their car for their car with the required updates, the camp will be happy to move to the European leg of the season as the weather conditions are bound to help their car.

Alonso will feel confident going into the Spanish GP even though he finished seventh in the recently concluded Bahrain Grand Prix.

He said that the team knew that the Bahrain GP race was going to be a tough ordeal, and although he predicted that he will be finishing around 7th or 9th place it is still disappointing to know that he was not able to challenge the leaders of the grid.

While the season is still very much open and it is anyone’s game at this point. He was still among points at the race and a positive sign is that Felipe Massa was able to open his account for the season as well. He and the team’s hopes that this is be the start of better performances from a nervous and out of luck Massa who has been struggling in the season so far. Massa finished 9th in the race.

Alonso did well during the race to keep Lewis Hamilton behind him, as the McLaren was clearly the better car but it was Alonso’s skill and the Ferrari’s straight line speed that allowed the Spaniard to keep his position.

Alonso though admitted that that car is behind in terms of performance from the likes of McLaren, Red Bull, Mercedes and even Lotus. He said that it is not a big worry as the team is working hard to change that. The updates will definitely change a few things for the better in the car and as the gap between teams is already very tight, even minor tweaks can result in major improvements.

Alonso have so far drove well, and exceeded the expectations driving a complex Ferrari car, while his teammate Felipe Massa continues to disappoint. Ferrari will need both their drivers firing in Europe if they are to remain in contention for the constructors’ and drivers’ titles.