Sunday was celebrated as Mother’s Day and many of us would have wished a happy-day to all the mothers who were in this world, wherever they may be.

This celebration is only now beginning in Pakistan, making an impact on our society and signs of jubilation can be seen in many places, particularly the commercial outlets.

Detractors, who say they already have a joint-family system and paying tribute to mothers, should not be permitted to dub it as western idea and knock its significance.

As we pause to celebrate Mother’s Day, we should keep in mind that a mother is not just a woman who has given birth to her own flesh and blood, but equally and most noteworthy, those who sacrifice their lot to nurture other people’s children to attain great heights.

What is the logic we cannot give mothers special attention to show our care and love for them on a specific day?  We have been taught that paradise lies beneath the feet of a mother, so celebrating this notion is in keeping with our belief and if there can be special days devoted to children, women in general; then why not to mothers?

Don’t be shy to send your mother a special message on her day, as sending flowers and gifts are now a common practice. You should realize her with your actions, although there’s nothing like putting your feelings into words and loving gestures.

The first observation of a Mother’s Day took place in 1872 when Julia Ward Howe, social reformer and poet, suggested a day to honor mothers, a day dedicated to peace something we all hope and pray for these days Mary Sasseen, a devoted teacher and daughter, tried to begin the tradition of honoring mothers but a cruel twist of fate occurred when she died in childbirth.

However, there is a strong moral imperative to celebrate Mothers’ Day not only on this designated day, but on every other day for as long as our mothers remain on this earth.

We cannot disagree about the role of women and mother that will continue to serve as that very vital link that connects this nation to security, peace and prosperity.


  1. Although the love for our parents is unconditional.It does not demand a day.But every child is not expressive in nature.These days gives us a chance to show our love for a day at least!