The wannabe model Poonam Pandey not too long ago locked many headlines in the country when she claimed that ‘Jism’ director Amit Saxena has signed her for his upcoming flick, which has not been titled yet. Though the reports were rejected by Saxena, Pandey is still claiming that she is working with him in the movie.

The 21-year-old told in a recent interview said that she will keep tweeting about the film because she is doing it.

She said, “But I am doing a film and shooting will start soon. I can’t disclose the name of the film but I am working with the Jism fame director Amit Saxena.”

Pandey has always been in the news for wrong reasons. She came to prominence during the last year’s cricket World Cup after she said that she will shed all of her cloths, if India wins the cup. The actress keeps on uploading her ‘nude’ pictures as well on her Twitter account as a result to which she has been labelled as the ‘Strip Queen’ but she says she enjoys the title.

Pandey said that she does whatever she likes to do and she is not worried at all about the people around her.

“I love this title. Actually, I really enjoy the title, really nice, I love when people call me strip queen or they call me bold or call me whatever. I enjoy all kind of titles.”

She insisted, “That’s good, absolutely fine because if a girl do something like this, people start noticing. A girl should get equal rights as of a boy. But it doesn’t mean that girl should go shameless. The generation has been growing rapidly, it is not like older day, things have changed and will keep changing further.”

Well, all said and done, Amit Saxena clearly confirmed that he has not signed Poonam Pandey at all. So let’s see how Saxena responds to this situation now.