In quite a tragic incident, at least seven newborn babies burnt to death and 19 others sustained serious injuries when fire erupted in the nursery of Services Hospital in Lahore.

The hospital staff reportedly left infants at the mercy of circumstances as the fire engulfed the entire ward. In Pakistan, killing of people in different incidents has become a routine matter with no expectation that the situation would be improved at some point of time in the coming years.

However, the deaths of innocent souls at hospitals that are considered to be symbol of life are highly awful.

Some patients lose their lives because of negligence on part of the doctors and paramedical staff while other pass away due to careless attitude of hospital administration, as corruption and negligence has crept in the entire health department.

The abduction and sale of new born babies with active involvement of hospital officials is not a new issue but this incident is worst example of negligence on part of the concerned authorities.

At least seven infants lost their lives without seeing light of the day and throwing their parents into darkness and despair.

The fire according to the media reports erupted due to short-circuiting, which explains about decayed infrastructure and lack of attention on the part of those who are responsible for such things.

No one knows where funds go even there is no audit and accountability for such funds fixed in the name of maintenance and repair every year.

Apart from hospitals, there are thousands of buildings in different parts of the country including educational institutions that are in poor condition and pose risk to people. However, the authorities concerned have taken no measures except rhetoric after the tragic incidents.

The Punjab Government should pay special attention to health and education sector where rampant corruption is a big obstacle in bringing about any improvement in the situation.