British journalist Christina Lamb denied media reports saying that she had not been contacted for a plan to reveal familygate scandal, a case involving allegations of financial corruption against Chief Justice’s son Arsalan Iftikhar.

Earlier, reports had claimed that Malik Riaz, the property tycoon, had sought British journalist Christina Lamb’s help to break the news about the scandal, when Justice Chaudhry was scheduled to arrive in London to receive the International Jurists Award for 2012.

The famous British journalist and bureau chief of Sunday Times in Washington, however, rejected the reports, terming it made up items.

In a message to social micro-blogging website, she said that she had not been contacted by anyone in this regard.

According to the reports, the timing of the disclosure was being deliberately planned to damage the growing recognition of Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry in the international circles.

The reports alleged that it might have even led to his resignation if the plan was to meet its objectives.

The British journalist observed, “Any purported quotes from me on the CJ issue are made up, all I know is what I’ve read in the media and have spoken to no one!. (I) have no idea how this started but can I clarify I am not planning a big exposé on Familygate, (and) have spoken to no one about it”.

Arsalan Chaudhry, the chief justice’s son has been rumored to have received between Rs 300 to Rs 400 million from Malik Riaz to influence the court in proceedings against the Bahria Town.

On Saturday, Arsalan Iftikhar recorded his statement in the apex court, refusing having any link with the business tycoon.

In the meantime, Zahid Bokhari, the counsel for Malik Riaz said that doctors had advised his client complete bed rest in the United Kingdom due to a urine infection. He, however, said his client had decided to fly back home immediately to appear before the apex court.

He informed that Malik Riaz would bring along evidence showing payments made to Dr Arsalan Iftikhar.


  1. So what all we’ve been seeing in TV shows, reading in papers was all fake???? The media in Pakistan needs a serious attention and it needs it now.