Director Sunjay Gupta’s upcoming film ‘Shootout at Wadala’ faced many problems when he had a massive fall-out with the actor Sunjay Dutt. However, after struggling for two years, things finally came together for Gupta when Anil Kapoor and John Abraham agreed to be a part of his film.

John, not too long ago, locked many headlines in the country for a road offence. The actor was probed by the police and was sentenced to spend some time in the jail. He was almost denied bail before Gupta stood by the star and perhaps this is a reason why the 39-year-old actor got deeply emotional while talking about Gupta in his interview with TOI.

He said, “I’m going to stand by Sanjay Gupta. I’ll work with him as many times as he wants me to. Everyone in this industry is opportunitic,and justifiably so.When I was in a crisis Sanjay Gupta stood by my side like a rock.When I was in court I felt all alone.There were twenty cops surrounding me and there were these two young girls who work for me trying to support me, that’s it. Then I saw Sanjay Gupta there.It was a moment I’ll never forget. As far as I’m concerned we’re friends for life.”

During the interview, John revealed that after being granted with bail, the very next day he shot a sequence for ‘Shootout at Wadala’ in the jail. The actor assured the audiences that during the film the prison scenes which they will see are real.

After speaking with John, TOI also contacted Gupta to ask about his new friendship with John. The director stated he and John have sworn to stand by each other.

Gupta said, “There will always be people who can’t bear to see two people in this industry getting close. Today John and I have learnt the hard way the value of a true friendship. He has sworn to stand by me and I by him.”