Bollywood actress Bipasha Basu has finished shooting for her first Hollywood film ‘Singularity’ in London last week. In the movie Bipasha will be featured opposite to the American superstar Josh Harnett, who may be has now become someone special for the dusky beauty.

As per the sources, Bipasha and Josh have become great friends and their chemistry – both on and off the screen – remained the same.

The shoot of ‘Singularity’ started in 2010 but later on it was stopped due to some financial issues. However, after a year when the stars met again in London to participate in the film, it was as if they were catching up on lost time.

Bipasha was therefore asked if there is anything special going on.

While talking on her inclusion, the actress admitted that she and Josh have become close friends and have found a strong connection between them. Nevertheless, Bips said she didn’t think about dating Josh because she has recently come out a long term relation with actor John Abraham.

She told Daily Mirror, “We started out as accommodating co-stars, but with time Josh and I have become close. We discovered a strong connection the first time around and would hang out often. I had just come out of a long-term relationship, so it was too soon for me to think about dating again. So Josh was a wonderful friend. We have great chemistry in the film. In fact, we sizzle on-screen!”

Bipasha, who was last seen in ‘Jodi Breakers’, insisted that she share a great chemistry with Josh and she can instantly trust him as well.

“We live in different continents, and that’s a big hurdle when it comes to maintaining friendships. We are extremely fond of each other though, so we instantly reconnected when we met again in London. Very rarely do you meet people who you can trust instantly. Josh is that person to me. It’s a rare friendship and I know it’s forever, “she stated.

Well, all said and done, let’s see if Josh Harnett becomes the new man in Bipasha’s life.