Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan is the talk of the town at this point in time and the main reason behind is the TV show ‘Satyamev Jayate’, which is being hosted by him. The 47-year-old made his debut on the small screen via this show on May 6 and since the time people have been raving about his brilliant concept in order to change to bring a positive change among the society.

Khan, who is also known as Mr. Perfectionist, appears on every Sunday morning at 11 am and millions of people get glued to their television sets.

However, when the actor was asked about the game of TRPs, he said he is not concerned about the Television Rating Points (TRPs).

TRPs are seen as a milestone for any TV program but Khan thinks viewership of a program is more important than the TRPs.

“I am very clear that our viewership is the highest ever. I don`t know what the advertisers do but I will tell you one thing. The reason I am not bothered about TRPs is because TRP number is given by just 7,000 boxes. And how is 7000 boxes going to tell me what India is watching. TRP is very different from viewership. And I am bothered about viewership, I am concerned about it, not the TRPs,” he said.

In ‘Satyamev Jayate’, Aamir Khan highlights social issues of the society. Recently he created awareness among the people about the malpractices which are done in the medical department.

The actor made many enemies in the medical department after the episode but ultimately he succeeded as he got a call from a parliamentary panel, who discussed the matter with him.

During the press conference, Khan admitted that he always wanted a response like this from his show.

Aamir said, “I have to say this that it is like a dream response that we are having to the show and this is the kind of response we wanted to have. This is the kind of impact we wanted to have. This is the kind of debate we had hoped to generate and discussions among people across, you know, the country – whether it is small towns, villages or cities, across economic groups.”