Angel Garcia, Father and trainer of the current WBC light welterweight champion Danny Garcia, has finally leaped ahead of his boundaries by religiously attacking Amir Khan, the former IBF and WBA light welterweight titlist.

Garcia senior has been attacking Khan right from the start but in his recent interview he went overboard by cruel religious comments.

“Khan is hiding behind Roach. He got knocked out in Europe, the truth. His God didn’t do it, he got knocked out. And then he came to America and said his God did it. I’m just saying what he said. I have nothing against nobodies religion. You can believe on a cat for all I care. I don’t care who you believe on, I’m telling you the truth. That’s what came out of your mouth,” said Angel Garcia in his recent interview.

“Its’ going to come down to who’s stronger mentally, physically and spiritually. And I know Khan’s God already. Khan’s God is a punishing God. My God is a loving God. And I’m not ashamed to tell nobody that. I don’t care who is listening and who don’t likes me because nobody does nothing for me. And I’m not scared to walk the streets either. I walk by myself because I’m a one man gang like Danny is a one man gang. I’m not scared of nobody. The truth is the truth and I will die with the truth,” Angel added.

It should be noted here that this is not the first time Angel Garcia has made such remarks against Khan. In his previous interview, he spoke of Khan’s Pakistani descent, commenting that he has not seen a Pakistani who can fight.

In their very first conference for the fight, Angel Garcia lashed out on Amir Khan, and the Bolton fighter was surprised to hear it all. Even now, Khan believes Angel Garcia is a rude man and that he will defeat his son to teach him a lesson.

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