Viktor Antonov is one of the lead designers of Dishonored , FPS game by Arkane Studios and Bethesda. In addition, he was the architect of City 17, the scene of Half Life 2, and a video game enthusiast who has been  disappointed by the excess of sequels and war games.

“There are nany  war games. And they are big projects that offer fun, but with little variety,” he was quoted on Eurogamer regarding the abundance first-person military court games on the style of Call of Duty and Battlefield.

Antonov also said that the press is not very critical of this situation and compare the state of the industry with the time of the Western movies, when despite the abundance of films in the genre, none were alike.

In today’s video games,  the designer believes it is not difficult to make comparisons between sets of first-person games that are war-themed. Antonov asked for more creativity and scenarios such as those seen in Dishonored and Bioshock.

“There should be more realistic environments like these. It is quite sad and decadent that does not happen. Expected to exist twenty games of this type,” he said.