Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) chief Altaf Hussain vowed to safeguard the traders of Karachi, saying the provincial government has been failed to protect its business people.

Address a traditional Iftar party of MQM, Hussain said, “If it is a war then we too will get fully involved in it. The MQM would set up a Muttahida Tahaffuz-e-Businessman Forum as traders had requested Altaf Hussain and would donate 100,000 party activists for the security of traders given how widespread extortion had become”.

He didn’t spare criticizing the court, saying terrorists and killers are released by courts on simple production of an NIC card as a surety bond.

Addressing Interior Minister Rehman Malik, he said, “Rehman Bhai, you are good, but the conditions in the country are not good. When I warned about the worsening conditions in the country I was not taken seriously and people made fun of my statement, but now things are clear to everybody”.

He claimed that extortionists in the provincial metropolis had prohibited weapons, and extorted money was being transferred to Indonesia.

In his view, business and industries had been destroyed by such mafias, adding that people were suffering due to inflation, price hike, loadshedding and lawlessness.

The MQM chief believed that similar forces were working in Karachi and Balochistan, the situation in the two provinces are interlinked.

Talking at length about Balochistan, Altaf Hussain censured the interior minister for calling the people separatists and enemies of the state. He remarked, “When the custodians of law kill people and mutilate their bodies, do you expect them to chant slogans in Pakistan’s favour?”

Commenting about the Lyari operation he said the paramilitary forces backed out when police were sacrificing their lives and the operation against extortionists was near success.

Shouting that Rehman Malik is good but the times aren’t, he threatened that if the problem isn’t resolved in the four days business owners would act by their own.

Criticizing the court, the MQM chief said what body was responsible for making the law, judiciary or the parliament? He said why court doesn’t send the parliament home if it cannot make the laws.

He also raised a question why apex court didn’t take action against the DG Frontier Constabulary who was involved in killing people, lawyers and journalists of Balochistan.