The actor-turned-director Pooja Bhatt believes criticism is very important for any film but on the same note she insisted that she never takes anything to her heart.

Pooja’s film ‘Jism 2’, a sequel to the 2003 hit film ‘Jism’, was released earlier this month. Despite of being released in the month of Ramadan, when a considerable amount of people don’t go to the cinemas, the film, which featured the Indo-Canadian porn star Sunny Leone as female lead, recovered the entire amount spent on it and a lot more.

The much-criticised erotic thriller film brought Pooja success for the first time in her directorial career and perhaps this is a reason why the 40-year-old is bothered with the noises around her.

Pooja said, “Everybody is entitled to an informed opinion. But the fact that they couldn’t find a film that ‘Jism 2’ has been copied from seems to have upset the critics. Since I don’t take their praise seriously, I can’t say that I take their criticism seriously. And then there are critics who are disappointed because there isn’t much sex in the film. The same people had earlier castigated me for including a porn star in my film. I feel people need to be a lot more decisive as to whether they want to see sex or don’t want to see it.”

While talking to the media, Pooja claimed Leone has got some very traditional values, which people don’t know.

She said, “Seeing her makes people think twice about her profession – whether or not she really is a porn star. My character Izna in ‘Jism 2’ is somewhere based on Sunny. Like Izna, Sunny too has got some very traditional values, the yearning to be accepted into mainstream industry.” daily times monitor.

Pooja Bhatt is now planning to take ‘Jism’ franchise further ahead by making the third instalment ‘Jism 3’.

As per the reports, ‘Jism 3’ will be made in 3D and this time the Brazilian model Nathalia Kaur will play the female lead in the movie.