The actor-turned-director, Pooja Bhatt, is exhilarant with the magnificent response to the birth and acceptance of her film ‘Jism 2’, which was released earlier this month.

‘Jism 2’, a sequel to the 2003 hit film ‘Jism’, featured the Indo-Canadian porn star Sunny Leone as the male lead whereas Randeep Hooda and Arunoday Singh played the male leads in the movie.

The erotic thriller film was released during the month of Ramadan when a considerable amount of people in the county don’t watch films. Yet it recovered the entire amount spent on it and a lot more pretty easily and the director has admitted she felt like shouting in happiness.

Pooja belongs to a legacy of filmmakers who never hesitate to brand their own films as flops, if the films turn out to be so.

While talking to the media Pooja stated ‘Jism 2’ brought her success for the first time and she felt absolutely great about it.

Pooja said, “As a director, this was my fourth film. And my previous films were all declared flops. Never before had I heard in my life that a film of mine had opened to full houses. I felt like shouting in happiness from the top of my roof! The entire amount spent behind the film was somewhere around Rs 12.5 crores. And in the first three days itself, ‘Jism 2’ has been able to recover that much and a lot more.”

During the discussion, Pooja also revealed that she never gets bothered with the noises around her. The filmmaker insisted that criticism is necessary for a film.

“There’s a certain section of the youth that finds the film intellectual and high-brow, though. They say that it is not sleazy enough, given the fact that a porn star has been cast in it. However, I know my film has an audience, and I can’t let people’s opinions colour my way of filmmaking,” added Bhatt.

Pooja Bhatt is now planning to make ‘Jism 3’ and this time the female lead will be the Brazilian beauty Nathalia Kaur.