The ultimate diva of Bollywood industry Kareena Kapoor is awaiting the release of her much-anticipated upcoming film ‘Heroine’ and the actress has claimed she has given her best shot in it.

While sharing her thoughts with the media, the 31-year-old beauty said she always had a desire to act and she has given her all to ‘Heroine’. She further added that the film is quite close to reality and has left an impact on her mind.

“I have had my acceptance speech for this big film ever since I was six years old. As long as I can remember, all I have wanted to do was to act,” Kareena says, adding, “acting is in my blood and I have given my all to ‘Heroine’.”

Kareena said, “I never realised that the film was so close to a superstar’s life. The climax scenes were really intense and left an impact on my mind. Sensationalism toh hai, it’s out and out commercial.”

‘Heroine’, which has been directed by Madhur Bhandarkar, is one of the most eagerly awaited films of this year. Nevertheless, it might spark an outcry in the industry since somehow or the other it is related to the other B’town heroines but Kareena is not worried at all about it.

Kareena explained, “We haven’t named anyone in particular. Inspirations have been drawn from several people from Bollywood and Hollywood as well, but no one person has been victimised.”

“Well those who are guilty will of course make a big hue and cry. There is no smoke without fire,” pat came her reply.

Kareena is the highest taxpayer amongst her contemporaries for the second consecutive year and she is one of the most sought after brand ambassadors in the tinsel town and these things have made her a force to reckon with.

However, let’s see if she really impresses the audiences once again on the big screen.