Rimsha Masih, the 14-year-old Christian girl accused of blasphemy for allegedly burning pages of the Holy Quran, on Tuesday expressed fears for her life.

Speaking to first time to an American TV channel, she said that she might be killed by anyone. She observed, “I’m scared… I’m afraid of anyone who might kill us”.

She was recently granted bail in a blasphemy case which said that she had burnt pages of the Holy Quran.

During investigations into the case, it was revealed that a local cleric had added burnt Holy Quran pages to the ashes to make the case “stronger” against Rimsha. Three witnesses have recorded their statements against the cleric.

Rimsha, after being granted bail, was shifted to an undisclosed location through a helicopter. Her family had also been shifted earlier to the same location.

The girl, who have reportedly Down’s Syndrome refused having burnt the pages saying that she was falsely accused.

She, however, didn’t give exact details about what happened on August 16 – the day she was accused of blasphemy.

Pakistani investigators said Rimsha’s neighbor accused her of burning pages of the Quran to use as cooking fuel. The young man accused the teenager of blasphemy, shouted in protest, and attracted an angry mob, police said.

But Rimsha’s lawyers denied she desecrated the Muslim holy book in this way. They said the neighbor wanted to settle a personal score with Rimsha because the two didn’t get along.

Rimsha’s father, Mizrak Masih, also spoke to the media saying that no one in his family would ever dishonour the Holy Quran. “We respect the Quran just like we respect the Bible. We couldn’t imagine committing blasphemy let alone doing it. Our children would never do this either”.

In replying to a query, Rimsha said, “I love Pakistan… I won’t ever leave my country”.