Nina Dobrev – A stylish actress from Vampire Diaries

Though she always looks gorgeous on the red carpet, Vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev (Elena Gilbert) has really stepped up her style game recently. In a recent interview with iVillage, the Bulgarian beauty talked about some of her favourite designers.

When it comes to fashion, Nina has closet envy for Emma Stone’s killer style. “I want to wear Versace and Calvin Klein and Chanel,” she says, describing the designers she’d love to showcase at a premiere someday.

With her fabulous figure, we can’t imagine a designer who wouldn’t want to style Nina, but the yoga enthusiast isn’t uber-strict when it comes to her diet. Nina admits, “Ooh. I love burgers. I love burgers. I like to get a big juicy burger with tomatoes
and lettuce and ketchup and mustard and barbecue sauce and tartar sauce and truffles and chives. All of it.” We don’t know where she finds such a smorgasbord of toppings, but we want to go to there.

When it comes to looking the part of flawless starlet, Nina tries not to let the pressures of Hollywood get her down, saying, “I’m a perfectionist in my own life, and it definitely bleeds into my professional life. I always want everything to be the best
that it can be, but sometimes I have to stop myself and reel back. I can get a little OCD.”