The marketing strategies to promote videogames are diverse: from promotional activities that include cosplays of characters until the introduction of brands and personalities to virtual editions thereof. This is the step taken by NBA 2k13 .

2K Sports has introduced the popular singer Justin Bieber as a playable character in the game of basketball. The news was released via the Twitter account of the musical phenomenon, where the editor thanked inclusion.

The truth is that NBA 2k13 is serving as media elements for their promotion. In addition to the inclusion of Bieber, the game features the singer as executive producer Jay-Z, who has also contributed songs to the soundtrack.

In addition, the Wii U version, due out next to the console in the coming months, it has built a system to analyze the fatigue of the players pointing the remote at the screen and it is supported by a sponsorship from Gatorade.

Moreover, the official image of the game in Spain’s Marc Gasol. The title has received outstanding reviews in the trade press worldwide, making it one of the highest rated sports games so far this year.