Laure Manaudou and Fanny Lecluyse occupy gold medals: 2012 French Short Course Nationals

Laure Manaudou and Fanny Lecluyse occupied gold medal of the Women’s 100m Individual Medley (IM) and 200m breaststroke respectively at the 2012 French Short Course Nationals.

Manaudou remained only an inch ahead of her closest competitor and surfaced on the wall for the title by clocking a time of 1 minute and 00.55 seconds.

The champion was trailed by Charlotte Bonnet, who stayed 0.06 seconds apart and proved her mettle for silver medal of the race by touching the wall in a time of 1 minute and 00.61 seconds.

The silver medallist was traced by Sophie de Ronchi, who remained 1.30 seconds slower from her foregoing finisher and surfaced on the finishing wall for third position by posting a time of 1 minute and 01.91 seconds.

Similarly, de Ronchi stayed 0.17 seconds ahead Cloe Credeville, who was unable to reach the podium and ended fourth in the race by clocking an effort of 1 minute and 02.08 seconds.

Fifth finest spot of the event was secured by Beryl Gastaldello, who stayed 0.32 seconds behind her foregoing finisher and hit the wall with a timing 1 minute and 02.40 seconds.

Afterwards, Lecluyse captured gold medal of the distant breaststroke discipline. Lecluyse stayed two body lengths faster from her closest swimmer and seized the title by touching the wall with a nice effort of 2 minutes and 24.03 seconds.

The champion was traced by Fanny Babou, who stayed 2.41 seconds behind and occupied silver medal of the race by producing an effort of 2 minutes and 26.44 seconds.

The second fastest swimmer was trailed by Coralie Dobral, who remained one and a half body length lead over her closest competitor and earned bronze medal of the race by posting a time of 2 minutes and 27.96 seconds.

Fourth spot of the race was obtained by Julia Vendeville, who stayed 0.46 seconds apart and settled on the finishing end by producing a time of 2 minute and 28.42 seconds.

In addition, the position holders received medals and accolades for their gruelling forms after the session.