Women’s Singles player Sung Ji Hyun ruled the court in the pre quarter-final match of Yonex German Open and marched into round of eight on Thursday, February 28, 2013.

She locked horns with Kirsty Gilmour and their meeting lasted for just 35 minutes before ending with 21-15 and 21-11.

The Korean badminton queen did not lose grip at any stage of the tussle and sealed a splendid straight-set victory.

On the other hand, Kristy remained off colour throughout this crucial match as she could not prevail even in a single game.

In first set of the match, Ji Hyun unleashed a series of power packed strikes and pushed her opponent on the back foot.

She did not show mercy and claimed many valuable points without any interruption. This power packed campaign helped her to finish first half of the set with a favourable score position.

After the mid-game break, Ji Hyun played with great precision and kept her competitor under control.

AT first, she mounted pressure with few back-to-back productive rallies and then capitalised this psychological edge to pile up a winning margin of 21-15.

The next game was completely dominated by the Korean campaigner as she established an upper hand from very first stroke and maintained her dominance until last shot was played.

This time, Ji Hyun employed interesting tactics and confounded her challenger with masterly crafted drop net shots and smashes.

She ruled the court in the beginning and registered a mountainous figure of 11 in no time. After the one-minute interval, she doubled her total by clinching some consecutive points. This uninterrupted campaign helped her to put an impressive figure of 21-11 on the board.

Now, Ji Hyun is scheduled to meet Aprilla Yuswandari of Indonesia in the quarter-finals of German Open.