England’s talented male shuttler Rajiv Ouseph registered his presence in the Swiss Open by sealing a splendid straight-set victory in the first round on Tuesday, March 12, 2013.

He was up against a lower ranked player Yohannes Hogianto and this match was played at the local badminton arena of Basil.

This Men’s Singles encounter lasted for 29 minutes before ending with final figures of 21-19 and 21-15.

Rajiv established his grip over game by winning the opening set and then served notice of his supremacy by wrapping this showdown in just two games.

This remarkable win took him into the second round of this prestigious event where he will lock horns with Wong Wing Ki of Hong Kong.

In his opening match, the English campaigner took off in perfect manner. He ruled the court in couple of establishing rallies and gained a decent advantage in no time.

The inexperienced Yohannes was not prepared for such an intensive campaign and he remained at the lower end in most part of the game.

Though, he showed some class in latter part of the game but it was not enough to avoid a woeful defeat with 19-21 margin.

Next set proved a one-sided affair after the mid-game break as Rajiv did not give his rival even a single counterattack opportunity and cast him out with a staggering knock.

Initially, Yohannes played with conviction and challenged his higher ranked competitor but then few back-to-back mistakes hit him hard.

Meanwhile, the English campaigner capitalised his opponent’s blunders and strengthened his grip over the game.

Rajiv captured many points without any interruption and left his challenger far behind on the points table. He maintained an impressive lead of six points and swept the table with 21-15 score.