Santi Cazorla praise fans for the amazing support – Football News

Spain’s Santi Cazorla gave credit to the spectacular fans for his success in England.

The Spanish International joined Arsenal earlier this season from Malaga. Since joining the Red Army, he has fired 11 goals and jolted down nine assists, making him one of the top playmaker at the Barclays English Premier League.

The Spaniard has recently joined twitter and is even closer to his fans than before.

Cazorla was quoted in an interview to the Arsenal Player:

“Yes, I think I’ve been lucky in that regard. For any footballer, it’s the most important thing, to make the people who support you happy and give back to them on the pitch. Ultimately, I want to do the job to the best of my ability and for them to enjoy watching Arsenal, that they’re happy with my work. From the first minute I arrived, the support they’ve given me has been spectacular. I can’t praise the fans highly enough and hope to give them a lot of success in the future, and that we can enjoy it all together.”

The former La Liga star, Cazorla has adjusted to the English football. He reflected:

“I think if there’s anything that particularly marks the Premier League apart it’s the stadiums, the atmosphere of the supporters, the respect for the players.”

Cazorla wants his side to qualify for next year’s UEFA Champions League. They are currently out from all of the competitions but are in contention for the fourth spot at the Barclays English Premier League.

Arsenal destroyed Swansea City at the Stadium of Liberty last weekend. They scored a 2-0 win against Swansea and Cazorla displayed brilliant skills in the match.