Afghan Taliban Monday confirmed that their leaders paid two visits to Iran on the invitation of Iranian government.


Taliban spokesman Qari Mohammad Yousaf Ahmadi confirmed the visit a days after Iranian Foreign Ministry denied any such visit.


A delegation led by the head of political office of the Taliban in Qatar, Tayyeb Agha, visited Tehran from Friday and discussed bilateral issues between the two sides and the delegation returned back after discussing those issues, he said.


“On an official invitation of the Islamic Republic of Iran, a delegation comprising a number of senior officials of the Islamic Emirate once again visited Iran over the recent few days”.


The delegation during the visit participated in the Islamic awakening conference of international religious scholars, which was held in Tehran.


“This visit took place as a result of the official invitation by the Iranian government and the members of the Islamic Emirate conveyed voice and demands of their people and mojahedin to the representatives of different countries of the world and briefed them about the current situation in Afghanistan”.


The delegation and senior Iranian officials discussed different issues, particularly problems of Afghan refugees who are living in Iran now. They asked Iranian officials to pay attention in resolving problems of the Afghan refugees and take steps to prevent harsh incidents.


The Taliban officials briefed the participants in the conference about the stance of the Taliban and explained their viewpoint on important issues of Afghanistan and the world.


Earlier, members of the Islamic Emirate by participating in the international conferences in Japan and France had conveyed their stance to the international community, which gave positive results.


It is worth mentioning that the Islamic Emirate has been trying to maintain relations based on mutual respect with the countries of the region and the world and it will continue its efforts in this regard.