A spokesman of the Prime Minister’s Office has said that Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has expressed his concern over recent advertisements appearing in the national media sponsored by Government departments and public sector organizations congratulating him on his assumption of the office of the Prime Minister.


The spokesman said that the Prime Minister has taken strict notice of these advertisements and issued directives to relevant authorities to present before him the replies to show cause notices issued to National Highway and Motorway Police and National Bank of Pakistan for further necessary orders in the matter.


The spokesman said that the Prime Minister acknowledges and values the love, affection of the nation and emotions of his supporters and urges them to concentrate on nation’s building rather than sending congratulatory messages to him.


The action was taken after reporters suggested National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) has also followed the precedent set by IG Motorways and has congratulated the newly elected Prime Minister through a full-page advertisement supplement spending millions of rupees of government money.

NBP advertisement supplement got published on Thursday in national newspapers. It felicitates new PM Nawaz Sharif on becoming Prime Minister and prays that country may prosper under his leadership.

Stories of mega corruption in NBP and irregular appointment were infamous during the last one decade and most of the cases in NAB were forcibly stopped by the rulers. When people started seeing a ray of hope regarding accountability of what was done during last one decade after a new government came in, the top management has started buttering new prime minister for obvious reasons.

Around Rs3 million have already been wasted on this ridiculous exercise but new rulers are yet silent, a report said Friday.

Spokesman of NBP Ibne Hasan says that advertisement and supplement to congratulate new Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was released on request of a publication.

Hasan was of the view that though NBP was a government owned bank but it is not like an ordinary government department. He said NBP is also a commercial institution and it has to keep its presence in media. He said there was no intention like that of buttering of the new prime minister.