A Taliban infiltrator killed at least six Afghan police men in southern Afghanistan early Thursday, officials said.


The incident occurred in Helmand Province’s Musa Qala District. The Taliban claimed that an infiltrated policeman killed 10 police soldiers, including two commanders, and joined them.


The head of Musa Qala District, Musa Kalim, told Afghan Islamic Press that the bodies of two local police soldiers and four national policemen, including Commander Bashir, were found at a security post in the Dayzor area of Musa Qala District this morning.”

The head of the district said that two other police soldiers of this security post were missing and he knows nothing whether they had been killed by the missing police soldiers or the Taliban killed these police soldiers and took two other policemen away with themselves.

Kalim said a Ranger vehicle of the security post, arms and ammunition were also missing and the opponents had taken these weapons with themselves.

Responding to a question that how the national police soldiers and local policemen had gathered at the security post, he said it was a conspiracy and an investigation was launched into the incident.

Taliban Spokesman Qari Mohammad Yusof Ahmadi said: “An infiltrated mojahed had shot dead 10 police soldiers, including two commanders named Shakir and Saffar, this morning at his security post in the Dayzor area of Musa Qala District and joined the Taliban along with eight assault rifles and a Ranger vehicle in the area.” He gave no other details in this regard.

A policeman killed his six colleagues in the Zambali area of Greshk District of Helmand Province on 7 June and joined the Taliban.