The Chinese Foreign Ministry on Sunday strongly condemned a violent attack in Pakistan’s northern area that resulted in 11 deaths, including those of several Chinese tourists.



The Foreign Ministry spokesperson’s office said the ministry and the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan have attached great importance to the incident and have launched an emergency response to deal with the issue, Xinhua reported.


Local police said the incident took place Sunday morning, when unidentified gunmen opened fire at tourists in a hotel near the base camp of Nanga Parbat, a mountain that is popular among adventurous travelers.


The spokesperson’s office said the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan has maintained close contact with Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry, Interior Department and military to further verify related information.


The embassy has asked Pakistan to make all-out efforts to take care of the survivors, apprehend the gunmen as soon as possible and take measures to guarantee the safety and legitimate rights of Chinese citizens in Pakistan.


The embassy also asked Pakistan to cooperate in dealing with the aftermath of the incident, as well as to severely punish the attackers.


The embassy has been in contact with a Chinese survivor and asked the Pakistani military to protect the survivor.


The Foreign Ministry and the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan will work to properly handle the incident and offer assistance to the victims, the spokesperson’s office said.