It was reported from Hong Kong that 85 people were left injured after a predawn accident when a high-speed ferry which was heading for Macau directly hit an unidentified object close to a remote island.


The ferry was carrying at least 105 passengers and plus the 10 crew members which were responsible for the sails. The accident took place at 1:15AM on Friday.


Despite the big damage done, few injured were still able to recover as they were taken to a nearby hospital.


The government officials and spokesmen came out in the open to explain the situation of the injured people and they claimed that at least 46 of them were in stable condition while 3 of them are still critical.


There were no significant damages on the ferry and the marine department is still trying to investigate the accident so that the same problem does not affect the sea traffic in the area.


The incident has come after 39 people died in Hong Kong last year; which was considered to be the biggest maritime tragedy in the last decade.