According to Forbes, Hollywood actor Adam Sandler is the most over-paid actor, delivering mediocre returns on high upfront fees.

Eddie Murphy, another comedian, was replaced by Adam Sandler on the top of the list. Murphy’s movies in last year’s calculation made $2.30 per dollar the actor was paid. According to estimates, Sandler’s recent films earned $3.40 for every dollar he charged.

The 47-year-old comedian was closely followed by the lists second most overpaid actress, Katherine Heigl, who made $3.50 for every dollar she was paid. 

When compiling the list, Forbes looks at a period of three years and considers the last three movies from every actor. Unfortunately for Sandler, his recent movie, Grown Ups 2, was not considered for the ranking because it released after the cut-off date.

Third place on the list was taken by Reese Witherspoon who starred in Water for Elephants and This Means War. She managed to rake in $3.90 for every dollar she earned. According to Forbes, the ranking takes actor fees and total expenses into consideration to calculate the return every actor brings.

Nicholas Cage and Kevin James were ranked 4th and 6th on the list with average returns of $6 and $6.10 respectively.

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