In recent news, the renowned Pakistani classical singer, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, was injured in a road accident. It was reported from Lahore that Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, while travelling from his house in defence to his farmhouse, got involved in a road accident in which he picked up minor injuries on his face and neck.


Rahat Fateh Ali Khan was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance alongside his driver, who fractured his leg in the accident. The singer was fully treated inside the hospital and was cleared on the night. He has been asked to stay in bed or at least two weeks, which means that his concert scheduled to take place in India has been cancelled.

On the other hand, his driver picked up a fracture in his leg. He was asked to take bed rest for at least two months.

After he was released, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan was asked to go home, and now he is resting in his home where he has already received several cards and flowers from his fans. The singer will be back for his musical tour to India after he has fully recovered from the small injuries which he picked up in the accident.