It was recently reported from Karachi that the Rangers were able to kill as many as three terrorists who were spotted in the Lyari area of the city.

Pakistani government has taken a strict action regarding the law and order situation of the country. Right before the commencement of the peace talks, Karachi was home to several terrorist mafias and organizations. However, now the government is trying its level best to eradicate all the people who are involved in unlawful activities.

In order to fight such people, the government has decided that they are going to allocate certain law enforcing agencies that are going to conduct raids and this is going to help them catch people involved in such activities. Therefore, the police, rangers, and other law enforcement agencies including the army are now trying their level best to help Karachi get rid of this problem once and for all.

The first sector which they have decided to target is Lyari. This is because Lyari is the region which has the highest amount of reported criminal activities.

The three people who were killed by the Rangers were reported to be Afzal Baloch, Hunzala Alias Jalil and Irfan Alias Fauji.

These people were reportedly carrying hand grenades, pistols and other explosive material.