With everyone’s eyes set on the recent meeting debating military action in Syria, by Turkey, some cynics seem to be eavesdropping, illegitimately. Turkey banned YouTube on Thursday, after it was accused of proliferating the talks between the two nations.


The recording seems to be critical, as it essentially shows the plan of a staged arm clash, by the Turkish government and spy officials. Turkish Prime Minister Mr. Erdogan, already entangled in an array of scandals, angrily disapproved of the recordings being leaked, and said that ‘It is a vile, cowardly, immoral act.’ Erdogan abruptly added ‘We will go into their caves. Who are you serving by eavesdropping?’ Erdogan made an indirect reference to his foes here, but chose not to play the name and blame game.

This event is the second of its kind, in that it follows the recent banning of Twitter, after Twitter was allegedly thought to implicate Erdogan and his inner circle, in corruption.

These steps are taken to ensure that the country does not have to sacrifice, on matters of national interest and on its relationship with the war-torn Syria. As a result, the opposition leader warned the public by suggesting that “Erdogan could decide to move the army into Syria before the elections”.