It was recently reported from Rawalpindi that two people were shot dead near the district court that is located in Rawalpindi. The incident took place on Friday, where a rival group came out and open fired at the other party, killing two people in the process.


The issue is still being highlighted as to why the opposition decided to open fire but both the people who have lost their lives have been revealed. According to the RPO Rawalpindi, Akhtar Hayat Lalika, the two people who have died in the incident include the likes of senior lawyer Sardar Ameer Khan Advocate and Sardar Ameer Abbas. They were both killed right in front of the district court located in the heart of the city of Rawalpindi.

The two people who were shot; one of them died on the spot, while the other was rushed to a nearby hospital. He could not succumb to his wounds and later he lost his life as well.

The police investigated on the matter in order to come to a final conclusion as to why the incident took place. They revealed that the enmity between the two groups goes on for a long time and now they wanted to take revenge over a certain thing.