It was recently reported from Karachi that three people, who were said to be students of seminary, were at the receiving end of a firing incident, where they were shot dead. The incident took place on Friday at Sakhi Hasa area of the city.


Sources claim that the incident took place right after the Jummah prayer. All three students were coming out of the mosque after the Friday (Jumma) prayer. While they were walking in the street, two men came on a motorbike and open fired on them.  They three could not succumb to the wounds and eventually lost their lives.

Later the hospital revealed that all three were students of the seminary.

Currently the police are trying to investigate into the matter. Even though the identities of these students have not been revealed, the police are trying their best to find out about them. Moreover, the police are also looking for clues in order to find out who was involved in the incident. For now 9mm shells have been recovered from the site of the incident.

Karachi observes such cases almost on a regular basis but after recent operations, these incidents have come down to a minimum.  The Karachi police forces are trying their best to get rid of such problems.