Android TV is what the new smart TV product that Google is preparing will be called. It is a”set-top -box” similar to Fire style TV, recently launched by Amazon. It is easier to use and less ambitious than the previous Google TV initiative launched by the company.


The focus this time is to compete head to head with Apple TV, Amazon Fire and Roku TV as claimed on specialized portal ”The Verge”citing a document by Google.   “Android TV is an entertainment interface, not a computing platform,” says Google according to the document.


It would, as noted in that article, a”set-top -box”, obviously based on Android as its name suggests, easy to use and provide users with easy access to entertainment content (movies, series, television programs, etc.. to what the company expected to sign agreements with players like Netflix or Hulu in addition to using its own supply of Google Play) and applications.


It would be intuitive to use and also able to suggest content and make recommendations to the user as it turn on your TV. “In content access should be simple and magical,”reads the document that also explains that it should take no more than three clicks or gestures entering the home screen and start enjoying of a particular content.


For now plans to launch Android TV by the Internet giant are unknown although it seems that the company is recruiting developers to build applications on the new platform. An initiative which, incidentally, presumably not affect other device released by the company with online access to entertainment content as Chromecast, which in theory will be marketed.