If Apple wants to hurt Samsung two years ago and in the long war of patents, will be loaded more grounds in view of the mixed results of recent weeks experienced assault in a court in San Jose (California). A jury ended up giving decision in favor of Apple in two of the five offenses denounced, so that the victory of the manufacturer of the iPhone and iPad is partial.

South Korean manufacturer must compensate with about $ 120 million, a minimal amount compared to the 2,200 million claimed by the U.S. Apple. In addition, the jury found after three days of deliberations Apple violated Samsung patent denouncing the two, so it will receive a compensation of nearly $ 160,000 of the six million claimed.

The victory in this third major legal combat therefore considered rather symbolic to Apple. Previously already considered that Samsung had violated another of the five patents in dispute, so that the total of the offense rises to three. The process began on March 31. Now the judge must set the ultimate sanction, it may cut view of what happened in the summer of 2012.

The outcome of the legal claim can also be seen as a victory for Samsung, who faced lawsuit with a new strategy to make a much lower than Apple’s financial claim. The case is related to the phone Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Tab 2 tablet, products which are no longer sold. Samsung has just introduced the Galaxy S5 in the market.