The Clippers swept Oklahoma (105-122) and Washington dominated Indiana (96-102) in the first games of the conference semifinals of the NBA. The teams that started with the home court advantage have taken three brilliant players especially Chris Paul in Oklahoma and Beal and Ariza in Indiana.

The Clippers overwhelmed the Thunder. Their show was amazing. His outside shot shattered the defense team Scott Brooks. They scored 15 triples in his 29 attempts, with special mention for Chris Paul, with 8 of 9 in triples and a total of 32 points and 10 assists. Griffin, with 23 points, and Crawford, 17, also shone in attack. The percentages of the Clippers excellent shooting, with 54 % accuracy, made ??on his mistake from the free throw line (17 of 30) and inferiority in rebounding (31-47).

Kevin Durant with 25 points and Westbrook with 29, were the ones who encouraged the attack of the Thunder. Ibaka was the umpire, with 12 points and 6 rebounds. The Oklahoma came to build a handicap of 29 points, nine balls lost over the Clippers and his game was not fluent. Two of the men that best complement their attack usually ended up under minimum: Butler added 3 points and Reggie Jackson, 4, with very poor percentages, 2 of 15 between them.

Washington  won (96-102) against Indianapolis and proved to be the team of the year. After removing the Bulls in the first round by a 4-1, took the lead in the series against the Pacers breaking a lot of bleak statistics for their interests won for the first time since 1982 a party of the second round of the playoffs and broke his run of 12 straight defeats in the court of the Pacers since April 18, 2007.

The triumph of the Wizards was also inconclusive, almost from start to finish. The Pacers only once got ahead in the score (31-30). Wall, Beal, Ariza and company completely dominated the rest of the time. The squad led by Randy Wittman won his record -pointers in a playoff game with 10 hits in his 16 shots and impeccable June 6 Ariza. Gortat, Gooden, Beal and Nene completely dominated inside the paint and added 53 rebounds Wizards, 17 more than the Pacers.

Beal with 25 points and Ariza, 22, led the attack for the Wizards, who have reached 16 points ahead. Gortat also shined with 12 points and 15 rebounds.

The Pacers relapsed in the evils that made them suffer against Atlanta in the first round. Hibbert should probably be the player whose performance has fallen more sharply in the league. In about 18 minutes he was on the court threw only twice and did not score, had five fouls and did not capture a single rebound.

Nor was accurate shooting Stephenson. Scored 12 points but hit only 4 of the 13 pitches he did. Paul George was even more vague in field goal with 4 hits in his 17 pitches, but thanks to added 9 free throws without failure finished with 18 points and was the top scorer for his team with George Hill. The match was a monologue of the Wizards, except a short phase in which embedded a 10-0 and have narrowed the score (62-68), but reacted and left him for judgment (78-92) when there were more six minutes remaining.

The League chose Michael Carter -Williams Rookie of the Year. The basis of the Sixers is the third player since the 1950-1951 season, which has been able to finish top in the rankings of the rookies in scoring (16.7), rebounds (6.3) and assists (6.2). Before, they had succeeded only Oscar Robertson in the 1960-1961 season and Alvan Adams, in the 1975-1976 season.

Despite the remarkable performance of Carter -Williams, the Sixers season has been horrible, with only 19 wins and 63 losses, and equaled the worst losing streak to 26. ‘s Base Sixers from Syracuse University and chosen in the draft number 11, in the ratings exceeded Victor Oladipo (Orlando Magic) and Trey Burke (Utah Jazz).