The PSG and Manchester City are being investigated by Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) for breaching the financial fair play and could end up being fined $83.3 million, according to a source informed Reuters agency. This regulation, adopted on May 27, 2010 by the Executive Committee of UEFA, states that the clubs spending more than they earn will be fined. If this penalty is met, both teams could suffer limitations in the next edition of the Champions, ie teams would count with 21 players instead of 25.

The two teams are already negotiating an agreement with the governing body of European football to avoid the fine. Both UEFA and PSG have declined to discuss the matter, according to Reuters. Meanwhile, Manchester City has been silent.

The regulations state that clubs can not show more than 45 million of losses in the past two seasons unless it is used to improve infrastructure. The argument used by the Manchester City is that part of the expenses spent Etihad Stadium. In any case, the City, which is all in favor to win the Premier, accumulated losses amounting to no less than 180 million.

In addition, UEFA investigates sponsorship agreements of both clubs. Manchester City and PSG are not the only teams being investigated by the European body, but so far have only transcended those two names.