The 22,263 polling stations have opened in South Africa on Wednesday at 7 am without incident. They will remain open until 9 pm, on a long journey in which all the predictions given by winning the current president and leader of the African National Congress (ANC), Jacob Zuma. The only riots occurred last night in the old ghetto Bekkersdal, in an area west of Johannesburg hit by the unrest and high unemployment in the mining sector. From early have formed long queues at some resorts that have forced candidates expected to cast their ballots at the polls.

For these elections has been registered public record with 25.3 million South Africans, of which 650,852 belong to the so-called free-born generation, from 1994 to vote for the first time. Zuma voted into the top 10 in his home village of Nkandla in the east of the country, famous because it has built a house with 16 billion euros of public money.

In this sense, the opinion polls show that most young people are disillusioned with the current government and who opt for the Democratic Alliance, led by the anti -Apartheid activist Helen Zille, or Economic Freedom Fighters, led by former ANC youth leader Julius Malema.

In response, the ruling party has been turned much of his campaign on past glories and gestures of mourning for the death of their former leader, Nelson Mandela, who died on December 5, 2013.

“Do it for ‘ Madiba ‘, vote for the ANC “, collected his campaign posters, referring to the Nobel Peace Prize by the name of the clan to which he belonged.

Despite the large advantage that the training part, the recent scandals related to corruption and high unemployment could cause you to lose most of its growth to the opposition parties.

The election campaign has been marked by protests and the army has deployed thousands of troops across the country to ensure safety during the day.