The resolution passed by the Sindh Assembly to restrict the marriage of girls who are younger than 18 years is criticized bySecretary General Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (JUI-F) and ex-Senator Dr Khalid Mahmood Soomro this Thursday May 8, 2014. He called the act as illegal and un-Islamic.

While addressing  Dastaar-e-Fazeelat Conference in Sukkur said that JUI-F rejects the resolution. He said that his party will oppose it.

Dr Soomro further said that Sindh had its recognition as Bab-ul-Islam and this country came into being in the name of Islam.

He said love for Islam is the basis of the society in the country, but the rulers, by pursuing the policies of the anti-Islam forces, were imposing illegal and un-Islamic rules.

 The Senator stressed upon the Sindh government to withdraw the marriage bill as the people of Sindh dislike it. Otherwise, he warned, the JUI-F and the people of Sindh would come on the streets to get it withdrawn.

Dr. Soomoro, however, did not elaborate that how banning marriage of girls who have not turned 18 yet is “illegal” and “un-Islamic”.