Following the completion of one full year of PML-N as the ruling party of Pakistan, a think-tank has predicted a high 6% growth in the economy next year. Pakistan, headed by industrialist Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sharif, has gained billion in terms of aid and loan, which has greatly improved the overall economic conditions of the country.

The think-tank also stated that the year 2013-14 is perhaps the most difficult and crucial year of the country’s 67 year history. The think-tank is based on a group of talented and experienced economists. They believe that good governance and effective policies would be integral to achieve such a growth rate.

The think-tank, however, had their reservations about the current finance team, headed by Mr. Ishaq Dar. They believe that team Dar may not be able to provide the right policies, which would hurt both the economy and the objectives of the ruling party. Also, the think-tank believes that the country can only prosper should the government eradicate the cancer that is the TTP and other terrorist groups.

They highlighted that the private sector will have to play an important role to keep Pakistan growing in the future, but currently the government will have to create the right economic environment for business activity to grow. The think-tank refused to comment on the dependency of Pakistan on foreign aid, despite the ruling party’s mandate to instill internal growth before coming into power.