Russian President Vladimir Putin met Friday with the first elected president of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, as part of the commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the Normandy landings (France). Putin also held an “informal” meeting with Obama, about ten or fifteen minutes, White House sources told Reuters, without which so far has transcended the content of their conversation.

The meeting between Putin and Poroshenko, about fifteen minutes, has been led by French President François Hollande, as reported by the Elysee, noted that this meeting could open the door to the recognition of the new Ukrainian government Russia. The meeting has a special significance, since it occurs the day before the inauguration of Poroshenko.

At the meeting, Putin and Poroshenko shook hands and discussed the possibility of a cease- fire.

“The conversation has been about the measures of reduction of stress such as a possible recognition of Poroshenko election by Moscow. Details about a ceasefire will be discussed in the coming days,” stated a spokesperson for the Presidency French.

Poroshenko, Putin and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, also talked as they walked to the Chateau de Benouville, which was scheduled during lunch among world leaders attending the commemoration of the anniversary of the offensive ‘ D-Day ‘.

Poroshenko came as a personal guest of Hollande, who emphasized from the outset that the acts should ” serve the purposes of peace.”